inclusive of 6% GST

0 – 100 KM/H

6.8 / 4.8 s

T5 / T8


254 / 407  hp

T5 / T8


350 / 640 Nm

T5 / T8

Power without compromise

Our T8 Twin Engine with plug-in hybrid technology delivers an exhilarating drive with uncompromised efficiency. Combining a high-performance petrol engine and an electric motor, this powertrain allows outstanding highway performance and zero emission commuting – with all-wheel drive capability when needed.

The Pure electric mode prioritises electric drive with a zero emission driving range up to 40 km, ideal for daily commuting. In Hybrid mode both the electric motor and the petrol engine are utilised to optimise performance, fuel consumption and comfort, while the Power mode uses all available power to maximise performance. AWD mode activates full time all-wheel drive for improved traction in slippery conditions.

Both inside and out of the new S90, you can feel the meticulous care and consideration. From the rare Nordic wood to the subtitle contour line on the bonnet, every detail is a premium expression of the Scandinavian craftsmanship.

The executive saloon redefined

Discover calm seclusion, intuitive technology and complete performance. An experience where intelligent, beautiful design works in harmony with cutting-edge innovation.

We’ve designed our seats to give more space – that feeling of openness you get inside a Swedish home.

Thanks to CleanZone, the inside of your S90 will always be clean and fresh, for a calm and relaxing environment.

From smooth driving to pure silence or maximum acceleration, every driving mode is a luxury experience.

360˚ Camera

The 360˚ camera option makes parking and low-speed maneuvering in narrow places simple, providing a bird’s eye view of everything surrounding the car on the centre display.

Pilot Assist

Pilot Assist automatically maintains a set speed or distance to the car in front, as well as giving gentle steering inputs to keep you aligned within your lane markings.

Park Assist Pilot

Park Assist Pilot is like having your own valet to park your car for you. It works out whether a space is large enough, then takes over the steering to guide you into it.

Sensus Connect

With built-in USB and auxiliary connectors – plus wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and broadband technology – you can disconnect from home and reconnect with the road.

Premium Sound

Featuring an air-ventilated sub-woofer integrated into the structure of the car, and a tweeter on the dashboard, this is a sound system at the cutting-edge of technology.

Head-up Display

Our head-up technology means you can always see important information at eye level, at all times, without having to take your focus away from the road.